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REPORT: Deal In Place Aimed At Preventing 4,000-Person Caravan From Reaching America

The way this all sounds, President Trump on top of this deal. It seems as if he anticipated this contingency months ago.

You have to wonder if that is how things went down if you take President Trump at his tweets. He currently has been threatening Honduras with withdrawing aid and money from the country if one of the 4,000 migrants cross our southern border.

What’s crazy is why some Americans are willing to allow this country to be more or less invaded by illegals. It is about POWER. Right now the far left are brainwashing many Americans into believing that all these illegals will make us stronger. It will not, it is putting a terrible strain on our country, but the far left is willing to tear the U.S. down to make it in their far left image.


The progressives heads must be exploding this morning. Finally, a rational, well-thought-out method for the UN to be the determining agency as to whether or not someone deserves refugee status and then, if they do, recommending a host country to send them to, not just the US alone. If they do not qualify as a refugee, they get sent back home – what a concept. This addresses the refugee issue and the illegal issue all in one package. Now what, liberals? How will you import more members for the Democrat Party now?

Source: Washington Examiner

The U.S. and Mexico have reached an agreement aimed at keeping the 4,000-person migrant caravan from reaching America.

The plan was developed over many months and included a request from Mexico that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees establish shelters along its border with Central American, a senior administration official told Fox News. The goal is to provide humanitarian aid to members of the caravan, and either prevent them from entering Mexico, or process them individually as refugees or as legal entrants.

Mexico has also agreed to take back any migrant who evades their processing system and makes it to the United States. In the past, the U.S. has been required to house those who crossed the border illegally until their cases could be heard, and only after could they return them to their country.

Just today, the Mexican government, and this is a very important step, requested the intervention of the U.N., the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, to help Mexico review any asylum claims from the members of the caravan,” Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Geronimo Gutierrez told Fox Thursday night as he explained the situation.

Sounds like a good plan. People without documentation will be returned immediately to their home countries, and those who somehow slip into the US will be returned to Mexico for placement in one of the “refugee camps.” I think very few will have genuine asylum claims, but those who do will then be sent to other countries – any country that is part of the UN agreement, including but not necessarily the US.

Having a UN agreement takes the pressure off of Mexico and provides the funding and support to deal with the problem.

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What’s Mexico going to do with the Hondurans? What’s to stop them from camping in Mexico for a week, then crossing the border? I’d feel better knowing they were bussed back to their homelands.

Trump Threatens To Use U.S. Military To Protect Country From Migrant Caravan Of 4,000

Now, all we need is for all Conservatives to get out and vote on November 6, we can end all this madness.

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