Updated CPAC2013 Schedule (3/12/13)

Here is the schedule for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013 to be held this week, March 14-16, in Washington, D.C.  I will be appearing on a technology panel on Saturday morning at 10:00 in the Harbor Room.


Some of the key speakers include (All Times EDT):

THURSDAY – March 14

Sen. Marco Rubio (1:15 PM), Sen. Rand Paul (1:30 PM), Gov. Rick Perry (3:15 PM), Sen. Tim Scott (3:30 PM), Sen. Jim DeMint (7:30 PM).

FRIDAY – March 15

Donald Trump (8:45 AM), Sen. Mitch McConnell (9:00 AM), Rep. Paul Ryan (9:30 AM), Wayne LaPierre (10:45 AM), Sen. Rick Santorum (12:00 PM), Gov. Mitt Romney (1:00 PM), Gov. Bobby Jindal (2:25 PM), Rep. Eric Cantor (3:35 PM), Gov. Jeb Bush (7:30 PM).

SATURDAY – March 16

Gov. Scott Walker (9:15 AM), Newt Gingrich (9:30 AM), Rep. Michele Bachmann (9:45 AM), Dr. Benjamin Carson (10:00 AM), Gov. Sarah Palin (12:00 PM), Brent Bozell (2:15 PM), Mia Love (2:30 PM), Reince Priebus (3:45 PM), David Keene (3:55 PM), Ann Coulter (4:40 PM), Sen. Ted Cruz (5:10 PM – Closing Speech).

CPAC 2013 Schedule by The American Conservative Union


Wayne Dupree

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