UPDATE: FTC vs. LabMD Trial on Hold Pending House Oversight Investigation

Expect more fireworks over the coming weeks in the FTC’s case against LabMD as additional details are expected to emerge regarding Tiversa’s relationship with government agencies, including the FTC.

During the May 27th proceedings, we learned the House Oversight Committee is conducting an investigation into Tiversa, the cyber security firm who through its patented technology found the LabMD 1718 file at the center of the FTC’s complaint against LabMD. In addition to its investigation, the oversight committee also seeks the testimony of former Tiversa employee, Richard Wallace, according to the court transcripts.

On Friday rather than testifying and taking the Fifth, Mr. Wallace’s attorney, William Burck, notified Judge Chappell that “Mr. Wallace will not testify today…my plan would be to allow him to testify if the immunity he’s granted [by House Oversight Committee] would cover the testimony he’d provide here as well.”

These revelations prompted the administrative law judge presiding over the case to postpone proceedings until June 12th at which time we expect to hear from both Mr. Wallace and Tiversa’s CEO, Robert Boback.

LabMD’s CEO, Michael J. Daugherty, joins The Wayne Dupree Show, Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST to discuss the case, the latest developments and what comes next for LabMD.

WayneDupree.com will continue to cover the FTC vs. LabMD proceedings and report additional details as they become available.

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