Up In Smoke: Democrat Mayor Arrested for Running Extortion Scheme and Taking ‘Marijuana Bribes’

A Democrat mayor from Massachusetts is in deep trouble, after he was arrested for extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from local businesses.

A Massachusetts mayor was arrested on Friday for allegedly extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from marijuana vendors.
Mayor Jasiel Correia, the Democrat mayor of Fall River, allegedly operated a scheme to help marijuana stores conduct business in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, according to a tweet from the FBI’s Boston field office. [Breitbart]

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Mayor Jasiel Correia had quite a sweet scheme going. He would “help out” marijuana businesses in exchange for money.

A lot of money.

In other words, he was running a bribery scheme.

In addition to his arrest, Correia’s scuzzy Democrat chief of staff was also arrested on bribery and extortion charges.

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Three others are also charged in connection to the case, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts.

Correia stood outside Boston federal court on Friday and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“I’m not guilty of these charges,” the 27-year-old Democrat told reporters after the hearing, standing next to his attorney outside the courthouse. “I’ve done nothing but good for the great city of Fall River, me and my staff, and my team. I’m going to continue to do great things for our citizens.”

Correia has also been accused of extorting $3,900 in cash and a Rolex watch worth between $7,500 and $12,000 from a property owner in exchange for activating the water supply to his building.

Federal prosecutors also alleged that Correia demanded that his chief of staff pay him half of her $78,700 salary so he could appoint her and allow her to keep her job as chief of staff. [Breitbart]

It turns out this Democrat political slime-ball was also charged with defrauding investors and filing false tax returns last October.

Correia, 27, became the old mill city’s youngest mayor when he was elected at age 23.

The most shocking part of this disturbing story, is that Correia has remained in office despite efforts to force him out amid his legal troubles.

It’s unbelievable that this Democrat crook can’t be removed from office.

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