UNSPEAKABLE! Nanny “SNAPS”; Mercilessly Assaults Baby

A disturbing new viral video shows a babysitter mercilessly assaulting a baby for spilling some food on the floor.

The clip begins with both sitting on a sofa, seemingly fine. Within seconds, the baby does something to annoy the nanny and gets smacked as a result. Then the baby, as babies typically do, made a move that caused food to fall on the floor. That’s when the babysitter snapped. She pushed the child onto the floor, hit it repeatedly and then stomped on it multiple times.

According to some reports, the “nanny is now reportedly confined to a wheelchair and feeding through tubes due to severe beating she received from the baby’s father.”

The woman is said to have been charged with attempted murder.

How can you as a parent make sure this doesn’t happen to your child? Is there anyway to really stop this? Add your comments below.

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Wayne Dupree

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