Illegal Alien Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested At Airport

This morning, infamous illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas was arrested by security at McAllen Airport in Texas, after attempting to take a flight to Los Angeles. Now it is apparent that Vargas knew he was taking a risk, according to his tweet from Twitter. In response to the arrest, liberals and other activists showed support for Vargas by starting the #DontDeportJose hashtag campaign. Now is it sad for Vargas’s situation of being here when he was a child? Yes, it is, but we’re also a nation of laws and becoming an American citizen is a privilege, and it is inexcusable to break the law numerous times.

As the wonderful Michelle Malkin reiterated, Vargas is not innocent of his actions, and it is not the first time he has broken the law. He also used a fake passport while using a fake name, fake green card, and a fake Social Security card. Vargas has also committed perjury multiple times on federal employment eligibility forms.

It is simple. If you want to immigrate to America, you need to follow the laws. My dad’s family came to Chicago and came legally from Egypt in 1969. It was a lengthy process, taking them a few years to finally become American citizens, but they, along with millions of others throughout history, followed the law, and if it is good enough for them, then it is good enough for Mr. Vargas to follow.

Now it is also true that we do have an immigration system that needs to be improved. However, the reform we should be advocating for is securing the entire border first, and then improving our legal system and process to come here. This contrasts to the type of reform liberals want, which is more mass amnesty and law-breaking, which is nothing but another recipe for disaster. The fact that our border isn’t secured doesn’t give illegal immigrants like Vargas the right to roam around and demanding he can stay here and receive amnesty. He needs to be reminded that we want to welcome immigrants, but that there is a right, legal way of coming that he needs to follow.

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