UNBELIEVABLE! This New Mobile App Alerts Illegal Aliens Of Future ICE Raids

A new mobile app is scheduled to be available this month that alerts illegal aliens of any ICE raid when they may become a target.

On Friday, Fox News Tech reports Notifica, created by Adrian Reyna, will become available for ioS and Android on April 10.

They have more details about the app.

Using Notifica, one can select several contacts at the same time, with different personalized and predetermined messages, thus sending different messages to – for instance – one’s relatives, one’s attorney, the boss or the children’s school principal.

All the messages will be sent simultaneously with the touch of a button and will be erased once they are opened, using a technology similar to Snapchat.

Although the technology will not stop deportations, it will help families who become targets of the authorities to know when to execute their pre-arranged plan for such an eventuality, said Reyna, whose parents are undocumented.

On Notifica’s home page, the user is given the option by entering their phone number. It comes with the message stating “you have the right to be prepared.”

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It also says they are a project of pro-immigrant groups United We Dream and Huge.

I never imagined something like this created. Time will tell to see if it will have any effect on how ICE agents perform their job.

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