Unbelievable! Lawyers Offer Free Legal Help To Electors Not Wanting to Vote Trump

Lawyers are the scum of the earth. They are snakes always slithering through the weeks for their next victim and now they are reaching out to Electoral college members who are rethinking voting for President-elect Donald Trump by offering free legal help.

It’s a cheap publicity move at best. Nothing they can do will change the outcome. Interesting the article below says they will help electors vote against Trump in states where it is illegal to do so. Obama people?

The liberal/left hypocrisy continues. They are for not opposing election results and “protecting democracy,” until things don’t go their way and their candidate loses. They are against the Electoral college until they think they can exploit it. What a farce this whole movement is becoming, one that could incite the beginning of a civil war.

From The Week:

Any member of the Electoral College who wants to vote against Donald Trump but would violate state law by doing so has the support of a Harvard University law professor and a California-based law firm.

Larry Lessig has started “The Electors Trust” in order to give free counsel to electors through the firm Durie Tangri. Lessig said his group will also give electors guaranteed anonymity so they can determine if there are enough electors set on keeping Trump from winning the presidency. “It makes no sense to be elector number five who comes out against Trump,” Lessig told Politico. “But it might make sense to be elector 38.”

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A group of at least eight Democratic electors from Colorado and Washington have started an effort of their own, called the “Hamilton Electors,” to lobby Republican electors to ditch Trump in favor of another GOP candidate. Because Trump has 306 electoral votes, they are trying to flip at least 37 Republicans, and the Hamilton Electors hinted Monday they would likely choose Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) as the alternative to Trump.

One Republican elector, Chris Suprun of Texas, went on the record Monday, writing in The New York Times that he will not vote for Trump when the members cast the official vote on Dec. 19. If the electors are able to block Trump’s election, it would be sent to the House of Representatives.

It’s not so much an issue of whether or not they can do it, but more so a matter of if they can afford to further betray the will of the people (not just popular vote but in terms of the regions and cultures that exist today). As of recently there has been growing sentiment against establishment elites (thus Trump’s victory) and to vote against him would add more fuel to an already bad tire fire.

Do we really want to go into a civil war? This is very reminiscent of the Civil War where we fought for state rights, only in this case we will be fighting because the will of the majority (Trumps supporters) is being turned over because of the minority! The electoral college is to prevent a small population from overtaking the rest of the states. In any case the majority of the map is red (especially by county). Do we really want the violent areas deciding our President? Add to that the fact that illegals were permitted to vote (especially in California). The electoral college voters ARE TO vote as their state said, no ifs and’s or buts about it.

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