UN Will Not Support U.S. Bid To Condemn Hamas Attacks On Israel

As predicted, the United Nations voted against the United States bid to condemn Hamas attacks on the State of Israel.

The United Nations General Assembly at an emergency meeting on the Gaza Strip condemned Israel for “excessive use of force” and rejected U.S. bids to amend the resolution also to condemn Hamas.

If you look anywhere on social media and you find a conservative timeline, you can find where they understand how the United Nations is against Israel in most of their decisions. The media doesn’t promote that idea, and you’ll never hear a Democrat say that but it’s true.

Source: Jerusalem Post

The text made no mention of Hamas, a terrorist group which controls the Gaza Strip and which has a long history of violent attacks against Israel.

The six nations who joined Israel and the US in opposing the pro-Palestinian measure were Australia, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo, Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands.

The European Union was split with 12 member states, including Belgium, France and Spain, supporting the Palestinians.

The other 16 member states, including Germany and the United Kingdom, abstained by way of standing with Israel and the US.

Switzerland, New Zealand, Iceland and Norway supported the Palestinian call for international protection against Israel, while Canada abstained.

An American amendment condemning Hamas was struck down, even though it had a slim majority, 62-58 and 42 abstentions.

It is a serious place for stealing money, living like a king, living outside the laws for regular people, etc. etc.

The United States should defund all our portions, remove the organization from American soil, withdraw all support personnel, withdraw all military support and staff, and let these global fantasy leaders fix the world by themselves. Then they can do it just like they’ve been telling us to do it for decades.

I still don’t know what the UN has done that is useful in the past decade or so. It seems to me all they do is meet and spend money.

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