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U.K Prime Minister Theresa May Resigns — Will Step Down Within Next Couple Of Weeks

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said she had “done her best,” and “everything I can” to deliver Brexit to the people by negotiating a deal with the European Union but conceded “sadly I was not able to do so.”

With that statement, the entire pretense is exposed. She was charged by the people to get Britain out of the Kleptocracy, not ‘negotiate’ another deal. A ‘deal’ which would leave Britain a vassal state. She has done the job the people who placed her intended her to do, and Britain is a laughing stock, still in the EU and still paying into the extortion racket.

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So what happens now? Another prolonged ‘leadership’ campaign? Another Tory s­tooge armed with the same vassal state ‘deal’ in a different wrapper? I have no confidence that the rest of the occupants of the Westminster c­esspit, have any more intention of getting Britain out of the Kleptocracy, than Gauleiter May and her EU rearguard action gang.

May’s departure is only the beginning: it is a necessary but insufficient condition for the UK getting its house in order. No Cabinet member is qualified to lead the country out of the EU. They have all disqualified themselves by their self-serving cowardice, incompetence, lies, and profound inability to understand and respect the will of the people as clearly expressed in 2016. And remember that they all valued their status and perks above displaying either principle or courage.

The Conservative Party is still in a mess, and there’ll be bloodletting as contenders threaten and insult each other, and this will go on for at least six weeks. Meanwhile, nothing will change – and all this after the EU election results show what people think of her.

The Conservative Party has dumped Theresa May a year too late.

Now that she is going it is possible to feel a bit of pity for her on account of her utter ineptness and inadequacy for the role of Prime Minister – it was almost painful to watch. She is probably the most pointless Prime Minister this country has ever had. All you can say of her is that she was so inept and inadequate that she at least did not inflict the damage on this country that Tony Blair did.

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Long past time for a clean out of the rest of the r­ats n­est, who have had no claim to be a British Parliament since they handed British sovereignty to the Fourth R­eich at the Constitreaty of Lisbon. Since that betrayal, they have done nothing but rubber stamp EU edicts, fiddle expenses, and award themselves pay rises.

Has there ever been such a terrible Prime Minister in Britain? She still believes she is right, and everyone else is wrong. Can we trust the Conservatives anymore? Can we trust our political system?

The problem with the Conservative Party, apart from their Brexit betrayal, is that the party ceased to be Conservative, starting with the “heir to Blair” Cameron in 2005 and has been socialist liberal in all but name.

The true Conservatives have been called swivel-eyed loons, racists, and fruitcakes by the party leadership for the last 15 years. This is precisely what is taking place here in the US. The left wing democrats attack any conservatives as racists, bigots, haters, warmongers and in the words of our treasonous and woefully incompetent former president Obama, ‘bitter clingers.’ Despite what the mainstream media and celebrities are saying about President Trump, he is the furthest thing from being those things, as well as the rest of us conservatives.

Their chickens are now coming home to roost, and the whole stinking midden of Westminster needs cleaning out.

As for us in the United States, as the electorate, we must step away from the two party system and start to look at other parties. It is the arrogance of the main parties that have got us to this point in the first place. They see a vote for other parties as a protest vote believing that their two-party system is the best for this country.

It isn’t, but our electorate must continue voting away from them.

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As I wrap things up, May has worked assiduously against the interests of Great Britain and has done all she possibly could to destroy the nation and its independence by sublimating its sovereignty to Brussels and Arabs. Her so-called ‘deal’ advanced Britain to the later stages of the Lisbon treaty and stripped it of any semblance of being British. Worse still, she has deliberately and systematically tried to undermine the democratic process and render Britain a dictatorship.





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