Two Men Used Fake Gun For Robbery But Security Guard Had A Real One!

A viral video has surfaced of two young men attempting to rob a 7-Eleven using a reportedly fake gun but the passing security guard didn’t take chances.

In the surveillance footage, two young men wearing hoodies walked into a 7-Eleven in Hamilton, New Jersey where they looked around the store, saw the coast was clear, and then made their move to rob the cashier.

One of the thugs with a blue hoody jumped over the counter while the second thug became the gunman, pulling out the piece telling the cashier to open the register.

As the cashier raised his hands up, a security guard who just happened to pass by, saw what was going down, popped in, drew his weapon on the robbers and from there took matters into his own hands.

He shot one of the robbers in the arm, which led them to say the gun was fake. The security guard replied, “Oh well, mine is real.”

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Those restrictive gun laws of New Jersey are really working, good hard working law abiding criminal is having to use fake guns.

The security guard did a great job in taking care of these thugs but he could have put himself into danger moving in so close to them. If they had real guns, he could have been hit and things might be different.

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