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Two Hero Dogs Take On Cobra To Save Sleeping Infant

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I credit the dogs for knowing the danger and sacrificing their lives to save the toddler.

According to the Daily Mail, a one-year-old toddler was sleeping when the snake approached her in the yard. The two family dogs saw this happening and sprung into action.


The one-year-old girl called Skye was sleeping in the house in Kidapawan City, the Philippines, when the deadly snake entered the front garden last Friday.

CCTV footage shows two-year-old white dachshund Moxie immediately dash over to the snake and start pawing it.

But sensing danger, protective Miley, four, launches into a frenzied attack and picks up the cobra in its jaws.

The snake then makes a beeline for the front door but the pair of dogs work together, biting its tail and dragging it away from children’s toys and the room where Skye was sleeping. [Daily Mail]

According to the story, one of the heroes, Miley, died from her injuries fighting the cobra after being bitten while the other, Moxie, survived but was left blind.

The family has nothing but praise for the dogs and their attempts to save their child from the snake.


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