Two Deadly Bombings In Baghdad Claim 83 Lives, ISIS Claims Responsibility!

Liberals and the media make fun of Donald Trump when he brought up a temporary ban on Muslims until Congress could fix problem? Hell, make it PERMANENT! And start sending some back to where they came from before more of this happens here.

This young tweeter called the Baghdad attack over 12 hours ago!

I find it offensive that Barack Obama said that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam. If he really thinks that, then he is most certainly delusional. Obama says that Islamic terrorists are not Islamic even though they take credit for their actions.

How safe do you feel America knowing that the Obama administration is importing 5000 more Islam with the same type of culture and beliefs into America. Homeland Security Chief Says 5,000 Syrians Approved for US. It’s obvious what’s happening. First Orlando, then Istanbul, then Dhaka, and now Baghdad. ISIS is losing, and it’s desperate to cling on to what territory it has left.

From Reuters:

At least 82 people were killed and 200 injured in two bombings that hit Baghdad around midnight Saturday, nearly all of them in a blast targeting a busy shopping area as they celebrated Ramadan, police and medical sources said Sunday.

A refrigerator truck packed with explosives blew up in Karrada in central Baghdad, killing 80 people and injuring at least 200. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, in a statement circulated online by supporters of the ultra-hard line Sunni group. It said the blast was a suicide bombing.

Karrada was busy at the time as Iraqis eat out late during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which ends next week. Police said the toll could rise as more bodies could be lying under the rubble of devastated buildings.

The bombing is the deadliest in the country since Iraqi forces last month dislodged Islamic State militants from Falluja, their stronghold just west of the capital that had served as a launch pad for such attacks.

A video posted on social media showed people throwing pavement stones at the SUV convoy of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Karrada, a largely Shi’ite are with a small Christian community, venting their anger at the inability of the security forces to protect the area.

Another video posted on social media showed a large blaze in the main street of Karrada after the blast. Reuters TV footage taken in the morning showed at least four buildings severely damaged or partly collapsed.

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Earlier video report from this morning:

Thank God, we have ISIS, that JV team, on the run.

I know we can’t save the world, but what Obama is doing now is worse than nothing. It just puts some of our troops in danger and costs us a ton of borrowed money.

Unfortunately, it will be happening here in the future, and the people who don’t want our borders secured will still be fighting for the rights of people who steal their way here.

We will still be inundated with sob stories from reporters who believe that tugging on our heart strings and calling us Un-American will eventually bring us around to their way of thinking.

Could someone tell me again why the U.S. is bringing all these Middle East Muslims into the United States, even though we’re $19 trillion in debt, don’t even have enough jobs for our own citizens, and ISIS has guaranteed that some of them will be terrorists? Why has no one in the news media asked Hillary this question?

This story is still developing….


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