Two Americans Debate The Black Lives Matter Movement — This Was EPIC!

Talor Williams is a pro-black lives matter advocate while Joy Villa is not. Both are Black Americans who look at the world differently.

We’ve always said that having a conversation with the other side would produce fruitful results. In the video below, you will see both sides try to work through differences but as you will learn, there are a lot of

Joy stayed level-headed and eloquent throughout the video which is a huge win, but the young man seemed as if he was all bark with talking points all over the studio set. Joy stated that Black Lives Matter started in the right direction and she is right, it started as something decent, but it ended up becoming an organization full of violent individuals or worse, defending bad actors and their crimes.

If black lives matter, which I believe they do, why don’t we see the same kind of anger and passion about the number of black lives being lost to gang and street violence?




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