Twitter Suspends African-American Pro-life Activists for Calling out the NAACP on position favoring Abortion

A coalition of African-American pro-life activists have had their Twitter account suspended after firing off Tweets challenging the NAACP over its position favoring abortion.

As LifeNews reported, the NAACP will host its 44th Image Awards Show to honor cultural and entertainment luminaries presenting the best face of black Americans. Leading black pro-life advocates will be on hand to protest the event, because the NAACP promotes abortion.

At this year’s event, the National Black Prolife Coalition tells LifeNews it will be protesting “due to the failure of the civil rights organization to represent the best interests of the community” including abortion.

After announcing the protest, their Twitter account @NAACP_WATCHDOGS was suspended.

“The black groups were drawing attention to what they claim is the failure of the civil rights organization to represent the best interests of the community. The issues range from abortion, traditional marriage, destruction of the black family and the extraordinarily high incarceration rate of black men. Protesters from across the nation will assemble in Los Angeles to declare that the NAACP has betrayed the black community,” the pro-life coalition told LifeNews.

“The group was circulating their message via Twitter and Facebook. However, since they attacked the NAACP via the Twitter Account, the NAACP Image Awards officials complained and it was suspended,” the National Black Prolife Coalition said.

The last Tweet sent out was a quote by Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director of Life Education And Resource Network, who said “Racist elitists no longer need the Ku Klux Klan to control blacks; they have Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood has the NAACP on a leash.”

Wayne Dupree

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