Twitter Suspended Benghazi Hero Who Sent Message To Obama — He Has Been Reinstated

Kris Paronto wasn’t happy that Barack Obama slammed Benghazi as a conspiracy, so he responded through a tweet that got him suspended.

In case you are wondering about social media platforms going to the extreme in shutting down conservative speech, look no further to this example. Also remember, the 2018 midterms are around the corner and the only way, the only way for Democrats to win is with help from the outside.

Kris Paronto had his account suspended after he responded to Barack Obama who claimed Republicans created conspiracy theories around how Benghazi was handled under his administration. Republicans, for the most part, protested against the Obama administration because it seemed nobody was held accountable for the situation that saw four Americans including an American Ambassador killed in action, especially when the tell signs were there months ahead of the attack.

Here is Kris’ tweet:

Here is Twitter’s response to Kris’ tweet informing him that he wouldn’t be able to interact with his followers for a limited time:

If you are of a conservative mindset, you are walking on eggshells these days on these progressive platforms. If you choose to question and anger the execs of these companies, expect to be removed at one time or another.

Paronto spent time in Benghazi, and he has said explicitly that he and his group were given orders to stand down so why should he shut up? Why should his message be stifled? Just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t mean you have to attack the message even though the messenger has experience and truth on his side.

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