Twitter ROASTS Hollywood Actress Who Blamed Trump For Attack In Westminster!

Fading actress Patricia Arquette blamed President Donald Trump for the attack in Westminster on Twitter and got blasted.

I don’t know how some of these “movie stars” last on social media. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack the next day so why would this actress even weigh in on it with no political knowledge.

Maybe she’s just tweeting just to tweet.

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Why don’t we just blame President Trump for everything that’s going to happen today, tomorrow and everything else going wrong? So sick of this “lack of responsibility” by everyone pointing fingers. Grow up!

I think it’s funny that all these over paid idiots that have no morals or boundaries believe that we give a crap about what they think. They are bad mouthing Trump say all he cares about is the money when that is the only thing they care about if the cared about anything else they would not star in the crap they are putting out.

And you know Twitter was going to light her up right?

Why haven’t conservatives stopped going to these movies and renting movies from red box and other movie outlets? I live in a very conservative area and drive by the local theater yesterday and it was packed. Nothing changes with these people till it hits their pocketbooks

My movie ticket buying and television watching are already down to hardly anything, at this rate I will not be supporting any more actors or actress if they don’t keep their mouth shut about politics.

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Wayne Dupree

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