Twitter CEO — We Do Not Look At Content With Regards To Political Viewpoint Or Ideology

Conservatives will NEVER be able to prove that social media platforms like Twitter are targeting them to shut them up because they hold the cards.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been making his rounds on the news networks, and some radio shows trying to offset what conservatives are claiming against him and his company. Users who politically lean right are publically slamming Dorsey for “shadowbanning” their conservative speech and stopping them from reaching their followers while allowing liberal-leaning accounts to flourish.

If you go by the numbers, it’s going to show many of us have seen our reach reduced to nothingness. I have close to 280K followers, and in one instance, I posted three stories from my website within one hour, and 18 people shared it. Over the past couple of days, it seems things are different but as they are in charge of their program, they can manipulate things so if they are audited, it will show conservatives are just whistling in the wind.

Source: Mediaite

Much of the interview revolved around the allegations from conservatives that Twitter uses shadowbanning and other forms of censorship to suppress right-wingers. President Trump went on a tangent about this earlier in the day, so Dorsey defended himself while acknowledging the question of “are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints?”

“We are not. Period,” Dorsey said. “We do not look at content with regards to political viewpoint or ideology. We look at behavior, and we use that behavior as a signal to add to relevance.”

As the interview continued, Dorsey conceded that some people might not believe him because “I fully admit” to Twitter’s left-leaning bias. As such, he said Twitter has more work to do in terms of removing bias from their policy enforcement, and tech companies in general have to do better in terms of transparency.

“I’ll fully admit that I haven’t done enough of that. I haven’t done enough of articulating my own personal objectives with this service and my own personal objectives in the world, and I think people see a faceless corporation, they don’t assume that humans are in it, or that they’re genuine or authentic. They just assume based on what the output is, and that’s on us. That’s on me.”

This dude thinks that the whole world sleeps safely at night knowing that ‘incorrect thinking’ and ‘scary words’ have been beaten back by his ever vigilant “Terms of Service.”

I don’t think we need safe spaces at all. Nor is anyone asking for that.

But the right to hold ones political beliefs without it being used and turned against us is important. It’s freedom, and it’s the first amendment.

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