TV Star Jimmy Labriola BLASTS “No Talent Pimp” Snoop Dog For Trump Assassination Video!

My friend and conservative brother made it big with a role on Tim Allen’s Home Improvement as Benny, but after watching Snoop Dog’s video yesterday, he’s speaking out as an American.

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Labriola makes his living making people laugh and having fun. I have toured with him on the Tea Party Express from state to state talking to the Patriots of the Heartland of America. Jimmy is a cool guy with a great demeanor, so let me say if he has to push his comedy to the side to make a video like this, believe me, it’s important.

Rapper Snoop Dog dropped a music video showing himself assassinating Donald Trump, and social media went after him hard yesterday. Labriola went for the jugular, calling out pot smoking, no talent pimp for his actions!

Snoop Dog Pretends To Assassinate Trump In Latest Video

It was in poor taste and should have never been filmed. Labriola took offense to this so-called music video and nailed a perfect response that needs to be shared by all!

What do you think should happen to Snoop Dog? Are you outraged at the actions of today’s youth? Share your opinion below in the comments section.

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