Miami TV Producer Goes Too Far, Using N-Word During Argument Over Car Accident!

Robin, Robin, Robin, of all the words in the English vocabulary, you chose to use this one in your late-night argument?

Watching the video below, she didn’t even need to use it, and I don’t buy that she was so angry it just slipped because she also prefaced the n-word with an even angrier word “f***ing.”

Source: Law Newz

In the video, Cross and the elder Fenton are engaged in a night-time bout of cross-shouting–much of which is indistinguishable. Eventually, Cross says:

You don’t own the fucking road. Yes, I used the word “fucking” if you haven’t heard it before. Except for your fucking son who’s dating a fucking nigger.

The younger Fenton’s girlfriend is black.

As she walks away, Cross can be heard verbally underlining her racially-bigoted outburst. She says, “Finally, I said it out loud.”


This wasn’t necessary. And this is a person making critical editorial decisions every day that impact the diverse community of Miami. Wow.

When a person shows you who they are, don’t ask twice, believe them and make adjustments accordingly. This woman is not insane or nuts. She had a well-paying job and didn’t have to go down this road, and she might not have had a great night, but that doesn’t give her the right to break down like this.

I guess if it’s in you, it really will come out and manifest itself. We need more positive news, don’t we? I hope this woman sees the unemployment line for months. She needs counseling before she ever steps back in a workplace again. Do you agree?

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