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Turkish Troops Shell U.S. Special Forces Unit In Northern Syria — Apparently By Mistake!

On Friday, a US Special Forces unit in northern Syria was shelled by Turkish troops.

Turkey officials claim the attack was apparently ‘by mistake.’ On Friday afternoon, the White House warned Turkey if they went too far with their attacks, they would receive major sanctions.

We need to shell them right back mistakenly.

No one was injured and the artillery fell several hundred meters from where the US troops were stationed, according to CNN. The Pentagon has not yet commented. Earlier this week, Trump agreed to remove US Special Operation Units which have been in the region for years, bolstering the Kurds in their fight against ISIS, and the Syrian Army.

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Newsweek cited anonymous Department of Defense officials who said it was unlikely that the Turkish army would mistake US troops for Kurds in that case and that they would be aware of US positions ‘down to the grid.’

Both a senior Pentagon official and a Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official confirmed the shelling. CNN reporter Michael Holmes tweeted that he too had confirmation of the incident.

‘Turkish artillery hit close to a US special operations unit near Kobani on Friday, US official confirms.

‘The artillery shells hit several hundred meters from where the US special ops forces were located. There are no US injuries,’ he said. [Daily Mail]

There is no such thing as mistakenly — time to stop funding Turkey through NATO. Turkey is not an Ally; it will never be. You cannot trust Turkey, not under someone like Erdogan.

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I have been a Trump supporter for quite some time. The media and the left-wing and establishment Republicans have been doing everything they can to destroy him. I’ve seen through it all and supported him through it all, even when he says and does things I disagree with. That being said, if this continues, I am going to raise my voice even higher.

This isn’t media spin or partisan rhetoric. Trump has to respond. Turkey didn’t have to go into Syria after Trump pulls the 50 troops he said he was going to, but they have forcefully decided to attack the country relentlessly. Trump has warned them, and this happened afterward.

Time to hit back.



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