Tucker’s Syrian Breakdown Is Not What McCain, Graham Want To Hear Right Now!

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain both want Syrian President Assad dead. They do not even want his ghost to survive. Why is that?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson broke down the quandary President Trump finds himself in with both sides of the aisle filled with bloodlust over a situation they can’t even confirm what happened and who did it.

Many Congressional leaders will not want to watch this, but many of you who believe and trust your common sense will welcome this with open arms.

Video excerpts:

“Leaders on both sides of the aisle in Congress, in the media, in our intelligence services and virtually every overfunded think-tank in Washington have suddenly aligned tonight on a single point of agreement: America must go to war in Syria immediately. Bashar al-Assad cannot continue to lead that country. He must be overthrown.”

“Assad is an evil man they tell us,” Tucker continued. “Assad’s poison gas suffocated children. Pictures of the aftermath of that are all over the internet and they are horrifying. Assad is a monster. That’s the official story — almost everyone in power claims to believe it.”

“All the geniuses tell us that Assad killed those children. But do they really know that? Of course, they don’t really know that, they’re making it up. They have no real idea what happened. Actually, both sides in the Syrian Civil War possess chemical weapons. How would it benefit Assad, from using chlorine gas last weekend?”

“With Assad gone, who would run it exactly? Do we have another strongman in place to install? Or is it our hope that a stable democracy will magically appear in the wake of this protracted civil war?”

“And who exactly are these moderate rebels you’re always hearing about, the ones that we’re supporting with your tax dollars?”

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Wayne Dupree

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