Tucker Carlson vs Smiling Lindsey Graham; This Senator Is Confused About Who The Enemy Is! [VIDEO]

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Pres. Donald Trump to add 7,000 troops to fight ISIS which goes beyond the reports we’re hearing that it’s one and done.

Graham and Sen. John McCain want to escalate our participation in Syria which many Americans, especially the voters who chose Pres. Trump, aren’t to happy to support. There’s been a small rift in some who follow Trump blindly that by listening to Graham and McCain, that he was right to attack Syria, while there are some of us who thought maybe a little more time to find the truth about who really did gas those Syrians.

In this interview, Graham is talking out both sides of his mouth and you can tell he really doesn’t know who he wants to fight as long as he’s fighting!


Did you listen to Graham? It was like who’s on first, what’s on second. I don’t even think Tucker was trying to trip him up either.

It’s not beyond the Syrian rebels who have been attacking Syrian Christians to do major damage like this and pass it off on Al Assad. Remember, Assad had beat back ISIS from taking over the country, so to many of us this action seemed a bit rushed.

Graham is a warhawk and for some reason he wants to attack, attack, attack. Are you like that? Is that what you think should happen?

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Wayne Dupree

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