Smug Guest Tried To Steal Tucker’s Segment On Socialism; He Won’t Be Doing That Again

Smug Dakotah Lilly, Students and Youth For A New America joined Tucker Carlson to talk about Venezuela and how socialism is the way to go but that isn’t how the interview ended.

This kid hasn’t a clue! His ideology is based on what? He never could answer a question! It is based on what some professor told him was right! All he has to do is Google the struggle of Venezuela! Oh but then that would prove him wrong!

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This kid needs to move to Venezuela if he loves it so much. Otherwise, his parents need to kick him out of their basement.

Lilly didn’t answer a single question until Tucker’s fifth or sixth. He spewed a line of condescending idiocy through his smug grin. There is nothing American about this guy. He needs to try to live in Venezuela for a week.

Someone really needs to sit that kid down and let him talk with people who have escaped Communist regimes. Then maybe he will open his eyes to the pure evil of Socialism and Communism. But then again, believers in Socialism are detached from reality. That makes Socialism defendable.

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Wayne Dupree

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