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Tucker Carlson Can’t Believe His Guest’s Answers: Are You Really A Professor?”

Mike Isaacson claims to be a Professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, but his answers were so off base, Tucker Carlson had to question his job title to make sure.

Isaacson is an ANTIFA supporting educator who doesn’t seem to be plugged into reality, or he wouldn’t have sounded so off base during his conversation with Tucker on Thursday night’s show.

Source: Mediaite

Mike Isaacson — an Antifa backer who is also a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice — stated his belief that “communities have the right to defend themselves against groups that actively seek to eliminate members of that community.”

“Defend themselves against violence?” Carlson asked.

“Yes, against violence.” Isaacson replied.

After the Fox News host tried to push back, Isaacson mockingly asked if we’re “going to pretend” that violent racists like Dylann Roof didn’t exist.

“Are you really a professor, by the way?” Carlson shot back.

Watch the entire video here:

I couldn’t believe some of the answers this guy was spouting out of his mouth. It seemed as if he was trying to be super cute instead of answer the questions.

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