Trump’s Hiring Freeze Helped Cut Bloated Government by 9K Jobs, More On The Way

Conservatives believe in limited government, and President Trump moved on that when he entered office in January 2017.

Trump’s hiring freeze cut a bloated government of about 9,000 employees in his first six months in office. It’s a great start, and it gives voters hope that he will continue to slim down the government bureaucracies but we have to remember the workforce is still nearly three million.

The administration had to end the freeze to fill mission-critical positions at agencies but the president’s budget director; Mick Mulvaney has a better way to tackle this issue. He’s leaning more toward a surgical response within the departments to get rid of redundant positions.

One of the main reasons why these leaks are happening, and the lynch mob is plotting against Trump are these cuts. These bureaucrats are lashing out in an attempt to save their necks, but it has to happen.

Source: Washington Times

Mr. Trump ordered the hiring freeze on his first day in office and embarked on the most ambitious agenda to shrink government since Ronald Reagan. His early success, although modest, is a testament to the president’s tenacity and to the daunting task he has undertaken.

Reagan also imposed a hiring freeze on his first day in office, but the federal workforce grew by more than 100,000 employees by the time he left office eight years later.

In December, President Obama’s last full month in office, the federal government had more than 2.819 million employees. Mr. Trump cut the payroll to 2.810 million as of the end of July, according to the most recent employment report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The numbers include active-duty military, which make up about half of the federal workforce. That makes the reductions more noteworthy because the Pentagon has embarked on a drive to hire 6,000 more recruits this year as part of Mr. Trump’s military buildup.

Those in Washington are not happy with this decision by Trump. America views all these people with government jobs, and it takes twice as long, sometimes triples that time, for things to happen or red tape to be cut allowing things to move.

Mulvaney’s idea of going through departments with a surgical knife is more pragmatic. Easy to see things when you are watching three people do the same job at the same salary when one can accomplish it.

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