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#TrumpEffect! — China’s Xi To Lower Tariffs This Year

It looks like China blinked first. Once again, President Trump shows we win from a position of strength.

For all their bluster, China stands to lose much more from this than we do, and they know it.

Barack Obama had eight years and let the world walk all over us. President Trump brings them all to the table for better negotiations and check this, even North Korea is trying to negotiate. Of course, liberals will still find something to gripe about but you should finally we have a president that DOES something.

Source: Reuters

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday promised to open the country’s economy further and lower import tariffs on products including cars, in a speech that comes amid rising trade tensions between China and the United States.

Xi also said China would raise the foreign ownership limit in the automobile sector “as soon as possible” and push previously announced measures to open the financial sector.

“This year, we will considerably reduce auto import tariffs, and at the same time reduce import tariffs on some other products,” Xi said at the Chinese Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan province.

The comments sent U.S. stock futures, the dollar and Asian shares higher.

They come amid rising trade tensions between China and the United States following a week of escalating tariff threats sparked by U.S. frustration with China’s trade and intellectual property policies.

Xi said that China will take measures to sharply widen market access for foreign investors.

China will also speed up opening of its insurance sector to foreign investors, Xi said.

Trump has the respect of these leaders unlike some of our past Presidents. They know that Trump is speaking the truth when he says all these trade agreements were one-sided and that he will do everything in his power to make them fair for the American people including a trade war if need be.

We need to hold out for the grand prize. No American company can own more than 49 percent of a Chinese company in China. Also, the American company must pass 100 percent of its intellectual property to its Chinese counterpart. Pass the same reciprocal law here, and we’ll win. Also, we need to ensure that all that cheap labor is extended to our American companies in exchange for all that intellectual property. Everything else is fluff.

This country has manipulated their currency to screw the competitors, and now they have met their match with Trump who will clean their clock rightfully so. I hope we crush China.

Stupid liberals saying tariffs don’t work and fighting a trade war that was nine years old and BarackObama ignored. Liberals are cowards at heart.


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