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WH Issues Veto Threat On Standalone Spending Bills That Do Not Include Border Security Funding!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are playing games with the American people, and it’s so easy to see and frustrating.

Congress has passed trillions in omnibus spending to pay for other countries to secure themselves, but they won’t do it for America. They blame Pres. Trump for the shutdown when they won’t provide for the common defense of this nation.

Pres. Trump is fighting back and holding his ground against the Dems with their new tricks. Dems figure they will pass standalone bills to open back up the government and leave the border funding out of it. But the Commander-in-chief is not having that type of decision making pass his desk without including security for Americans.

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Earlier, Wednesday afternoon, Pres. Trump tweeted this:

Only Congress can shut down the government by not doing its job, and these babies have not done their jobs for years and years and years, or shall I say — before Trump.

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All they have done is enrich themselves on the public tax dollar, lied, cheated and stolen, and I mean both parties. Turn off their spigot, cancel their paychecks until they do their jobs and tell them I said so.

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