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Trump Will Give SOTU When Shutdown Is Over; Pelosi Quickly Pounces On Response

Pres. Trump’s base was continually giving him ideas of where and how to have the State Of the Union since Rep. Nancy Pelosi decided to shut him out of the House of Representatives until after the partial government shutdown is over.

For a split second there, it looked as if Trump was going to choose an alternative location which would have been fine with almost everyone except for the crybaby media and Democrats. But the President spoke out on his Twitter account late Wednesday night conceding that he would wait.

Either a staff member was monitoring the President’s Twitter timeline or Pelosi was uncharacteristically up late in the evening because she quickly pounced on Trump’s words that the government could be open in the “near future.” Honestly, her response seemed like a dig at Trump.

I felt Pelosi was trying to “show up” the President’s tweet because everyone who has been following this partial shutdown knows Trump is in this for the long haul and he won’t budge for protecting American’s security. This is a “justified” stickler for him and he’s not running from the fight.

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Trump said this about the Democrats: “They don’t want to see crime stopped, which we can easily do on the southern border,” when he learned Pelosi wouldn’t open the House Chambers for the State Of the Union. He then said this, referring to the shutdown: “This will go on for a while.”

Who does not want increased border security? (1) Low IQ DEMs and (2) Drug cartels. Even a child could put this case together as the Dems, and drug cartels have an under the board business going on which prevents action at the border.

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For those who think Pelosi came out ahead on this, just remember, Trump can still change his mind and give the State Of the Union from just about anywhere, it’s his prerogative as Commander-in-chief. Instead, he’s handing the Dems full ownership of the shutdown, postponement of such a traditionally momentous speech and all.It also gives him the full moral right to land the Dems his next, very damaging blow. All in the name the shutdown, of course.

Do You Agree With President Trump's Decision To Cancel SOTU Until After The Shutdown Is Over?

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