Trump: “We Are Bringing Manufacturing Back To The United States Big League”

Well honestly, there’s nothing negative you can say about this guy. Nothing with legs or substance. As I’ve stated from the beginning, he’s going to be the best president in the history of the US…not even a close second.

I don’t remember Barack Obama ever doing this governing. For Trump to have a meeting with top union executives, and them coming out of it with high praise for him is just, well, getting it done. And remember, most if not all of these union leaders supported Clinton, listening to both sides, you don’t see that anymore. You don’t see this occasion being reported by the mainstream media.

Trump wants to assure the American people along with the business leader he cares about bringing back jobs to this country, and he’s on the job until it gets done!

From Free Beacon:

GM CEO Mary Barra, Ford CEO Mark Fields, and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne attended the White House meeting, during which Trump emphasized to the auto leaders the need to bring manufacturing jobs back to the country.

“We have a very big push on to have auto plants and other plants, many other plants–your’e not being singled out, believe me,” Trump said.

“Mary I promise. But to have a lot of plants from a lot of different items built in the United States,” Trump added before going into more detail.

“And it’s not the construction I want, although that brings jobs. It’s the long-term jobs that we are looking for,” he told the executives. “We are bringing manufacturing back to the United States big league.”

Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States was a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. On Monday, the president signed an executive order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, another facet of his pro-worker campaign promises.

Obama always skipped his intel briefings, and always found out about all the big stories the same way we did. Somehow he was capable? Interesting.

Trump is making sure the automotive companies stay here. Give them tax breaks; they will build new assembly plants here, create jobs here, that way more Americans are working and paying taxes.

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