Trump’s Saturday Morning Tweets Skip Bias Media With Straight Talk About Government Shutdown

Forty-three (43) Democrats have decided not to keep the U.S. government open because they want to provide amnesty to deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA).

President Trump usually sends out tweets first thing in the morning, and the media often takes the entire day to break it down and destroy whatever he tweet. Trump doesn’t care about that. He reaches millions directly, and Trump supporters and followers can know what he’s thinking at that time.

This how the president powers through and around the MSM. People need to know what the priority of the Democrats are and that they are placing the priorities of the illegal alien in front of the US citizen and our country. Democrats place these illegals on the top of the food chain in America. The tweets Trump dropped on the American public were excellent and effective. Believe it or not, these are the kind of tweets we need to see more of.

Democrats don’t have any objection to what’s in the bill and they still caused a government shutdown, they just wanted more stuff.

This is a perfect time to educate the country about how the Democrat Party wants to flood the country with illegal aliens so that they can exploit them for votes. Democrats are in a terrible position. Trump is pushing back, and they don’t know what to do.

Mulvaney Nails It! Obama Weaponized 2013 Government Shutdown Against Voters

This is great messaging and goes way beyond just red meat for our base. What he’s putting out there this morning is 100 percent true, and it’s a remarkably unifying topic because there are some incredibly squishy Republicans when it comes to illegal immigrants (and a shocking number of ‘conservatives’ who have bleeding hearts based on some comments that they are making).

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This topic could turn around the GOP’s 2018 midterm prospects, and even if it doesn’t do that, it will weed out some of the squishes and hopefully help us ‘Cantor’ them in their next primaries.

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Wayne Dupree

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