Trump To Work On Trade, The Military and Security This Week!

President Trump continues to do the work of the people, restoring the confidence that America can be great again by bringing jobs back and instilling confidence in individuals who had lost hope.

President Donald Trump most likely will be in the White House for the next eight years. America is way better under his presidency, the economy is continually improving, illegal aliens crossing the southern border is down 75 percent, MS-13 gang members are being arrested, and the military just got an infusion of funds to help rebuild what Barack Obama didn’t take care of. Improvement on every angle.

Source: Daily Caller

“This week the Trump administration will honor the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America,” Helen Ferre, the White House director of media affairs, told reporters at a Sunday briefing at the White House. Ferre said the U.S. sets “the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.”

The White House will host a product showcase to feature American-made products from every state Monday. Trump will address the American people Wednesday to emphasize the importance of keeping jobs and factories in the U.S. The president will then travel to Newport News, Va., to attend the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the first of a new generation of aircraft carriers, which costs $13 billion.

I think this is an effort to help restore our faith and to help unite us as one people…American citizens. It is a start. Hopefully, folks can put aside whatever resentments they have for a moment and look at this as a small step in the right direction. Does or will this resolve all our problems? Good Lord, no it won’t, but somebody has to take the first step! Will it be successful, unknown at this point but it is a start. One small step at a time.

Stand with Donald Trump and Boycott CNN and MSNBC and Make America Safe and Secure Again and Always Donald Trump and Family and Mike Pence as Presidents of the United States of America and All Lives Matters.

Are you ready to find out what our President has in store for us this week?

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