Trump Administration

Trump To Shut Down Border Next Week If Mexico Doesn’t Stop Illegal Immigration Into U.S.

It is nearly impossible to believe that anyone, even a Democrat, does not know how damaging un-controlled, un-fettered immigration would cause. All one needs do is take an honest look at what it has done throughout Europe. Globalist views wreck nations!

President Trump has threatened to close the southern U.S. border with Mexico for the 2nd straight day. He is demanding Mexican authorities do the right thing and stop illegal immigration from flowing through their country into America.

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On Friday, these posts flew by the opposition media straight to the American people. Trump reiterated what he spoke at a Michigan rally held on Thursday night.

Please do it, President Trump! Also consider suspending all electronic fund transfers from the USA to Mexico and Central America, and suspending trade agreements with them, until those nations take action to stop their nationals from storming our border.


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