Trump, Tillerson Not Happy About Congress Pressure To Sanction Russia; Signs Bill

Congress didn’t present a bill to sanction Russia with so many stipulations when Barack Obama was around, now they act as if the Kremlin is public enemy #1.

I understand Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 election. She was a bad candidate and a terrible criminal. But the media along with the Democratic Party and Congressional leaders all wanted to place their foot on the neck of Russia for their selfish reasons.

According to the Washington Examiner neither Secretary of State Rex Tillerson or President Trump is happy about being forced to sanction Russia the Congress but with overwhelming support for both legislation bills, Trump felt he had no choice.

Congress was also sneaky but including language that would stop Trump if he thought about waiving these sanctions. The establishment is trying to control what Trump can or can’t do.

Source: Washington Examiner

President Trump on Wednesday morning signed legislation imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea, according to the White House.

His signature caps a months-long process of passing a sanctions bill that started in the Senate as an effort to rein in Iran but quickly expanded to target Russia. Democrats in the Senate insisted on including Russia as a way to retaliate against Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, and its move into Ukraine in 2014.

The Trump administration, like other administrations, made it clear it wasn’t happy with the increased pressure from Congress to sanction Russia. Both Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made it clear they weren’t fans of the bill.

But it passed the Senate 98-2, and it passed 419-3 in the House, leaving Trump with little choice. A veto by Trump would have resulted in a quick vote in both chambers to override that veto.

The most novel piece of the bill is language that gives Congress a chance to reject a decision by Trump to waive sanctions against Russia. Congress has grown restless for the last two decades with bills that let presidents waive sanctions, and result in numerous waivers.

The bill codifies sanctions put in place under Executive Orders that relate to blocking property owned by people who contributed to Russia’s move on Ukraine, and Russia’s “malicious cyber-enabled activities.”

It also requires the U.S. to impose new sanctions related to cyberactivities, human rights abuse and corruption in Russia.

Democrats were hoping he wouldn’t sign it since it limits the power of the Presidency, in this case, these Democrats just don’t have the first clue. They are now completely worthless to the American people!

Trump was forced to sign the sanctions even though Congress is very aware that Russia has been trying to effect our elections for several decades. Yes, they need to be stopped but we have many covert ways of dealing with these attacks which would be much more effective.

Now we will be pushed to protect Georgia that is preparing for Russia’s attempt to take over and a big mess for Tillerson to clean up.

Congress is a mess and even though I was surprised to find out they have Obama Care, I just found out that they get a 72% subsidy (up to $12,000.00) for them and their staff that tax payers foot the bill for. That is why they won’t over-turn Affordable Care Act since for four years tax-payers made it affordable for them to have insurance.

What do you think about how Congress has hamstrung Trump with this legislation? Share your comments below.

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