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Trump Praises New Poll Numbers — I’m At 52% With No Good News; How Do You Do That?

According to the latest Rasmussen poll Pres. Trump’s approval at 52%.

During Pres. Trump’s visit to El Paso, he cited those numbers to his supporters and then questioned how he could be at 52% with close to 93% negative press.

This poll was conducted three days after the State Of the Union speech which he received positive overnight numbers from a CBS poll survey also. Remember, Rep. Nancy Pelosi didn’t want Trump to give the speech the week before and knew it was against her interests to let him give it in the House last week too.

Trump knows how to connect with the people, he always has. That’s his strength and politicians know it. That is why they fight him and try to separate him from his supporters with constant negative news. If the supporters do not fall prey to the media lies, they are called names by people in the media.

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“And despite the fact that the media refuses to acknowledge what we have done and how well we are doing it,”

“A new poll just came out as I was coming on, I don’t know how you can do this. I don’t think I’ve had a good story in years. I don’t get good press — I used to get great press until I decided to run for office,”

“And we have done together an incredible job. And a new poll just came out today. Rasmussen, one of the most respected polls, one of the polls that got the election right, so I have to remember that. You know what the number is? 52%.


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