Trump Supporters Takes On Rep. Amash At Town Hall — You Failed To Do Your Job!

She was nervous but pointed and angry at Rep. Justin Amash, during a Grand Rapids Town Hall on Monday night, and his directed attacks against President Trump, and she didn’t hold back at all.

A Trump supporter and former Amash campaign worker lashed out at the Michigan lawmaker because he is more than likely using the impeachment bullhorn as a possible launchpad for this 2020 presidential campaign run.

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I am not a Trump-bot by any means, and if he is wrong, I will stand up and call for accountability, but I won’t play into the partisan and political expediency that floods the halls of Congress. I read a few responses this morning from individuals making fun of Trump supporters who are being seen as ridiculing GOP members claiming they are following the constitution (by the book.)

There are times you can’t tell what is on a politicians mind and why they try to do things, but that’s few and far between. Most of these liars carry their intentions on their sleeves like an advertising billboard. Amash wants the cameras and wants to make noise, and that’s what he’s doing.

Trump Supporter: “I think a lot of the people here that are cheering you and applauding your courage, most likely, a lot of them didn’t vote for you. I worked on your first campaign in 2010, I knocked on hundreds of doors for you, I made hundreds of cold calls for you inviting people to your events to meet you, I made tons of personal phone calls to friends to vote you in.”

“Since that time, I have changed my position on you,” and claimed that Amash had “spent the last 2 years failing to do your job, which is to directly represent the popular will of your constituents. That is your job.”

Rep. Amash: “That’s not my job, No, I’m sorry…”

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Trump Supporter: “I actually double checked online before I wrote that in my notes, so it is your job, it’s on, you can read yourself,”

Rep. Amash: “My job is to uphold the constitution,”

Trump Supporter: “Those are not mutually exclusive, do you realize that those are not mutually exclusive?”

Rep. Amash: “They can be, that’s why our system is designed the way it is,”

You can watch the rest in the video here:

Though the liberal clapping seals suddenly adore this guy, the lady is right. He is a political opportunist in search of national exposure.



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