Trump STUNNED Ryan took position after “nice conversation” a few weeks ago!

Rep. [score]Paul Ryan[/score] and the GOP have had enough time to think it over. They have fiddled while Rome burnt to the ground. Now is the time for concerted action by the GOP and all who still love our freedoms and all who care enough about our grand old Flag, and will be big enough and man enough to forget the past, forget the little petty differences and move forward to rebuilding what our present set of incompent ingrates have left us to work with.

True Trump is not the perfect man, no one I know would dare say that, but I think he loves America, family, and, the Judeo Christian way of life. If that is not worth sacrificing for then my recomendation is go where you find some one with your particular set of values.

Trump seemed shocked Ryan took his course of action publicly stating he could not support the presumtive nominee when it’s his job as leader of the Party to bring it together.

From The Hill:

Paul Ryan — I don’t know what happened,” Trump said to some boos. “He called me two or three weeks ago, it was a very nice conversation. He was congratulating me.

Trump indicated the call came before his victory Tuesday in the Indiana primary, where he solidified his path toward locking up the GOP nomination.

Ryan on Thursday said he is not yet ready to back Trump’s White House bid, stunning many Republicans.

I hope to though and I want to. But what is required is to unify this party. And the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee,” Ryan said on CNN’s “The Lead.

Aides to Ryan have previously said that the Speaker has spoken to Trump and other GOP candidates about the House Republican agenda.

“I figured routinely he’d be behind it,” Trump said of Ryan, referring to his candidacy.

Check out some reaction from Facebook:

What do you think about Trump’s statement and how he was shocked Ryan did this to him. Knowing this sort of adds a little fire to your feet in fighting against the establishment, doesn’t it?

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