President Trump — Enter Into America Legally And Families Won’t Be Separated

To be honest, it’s just that easy. Logic over emotion makes this statement profound no matter who gets angry.

Pres. Trump used sound logic today before he left for the NATO Summit, speaking about illegal aliens and family separation. It’s so much easier than what people think, and the Commander-in-chief laid it out perfectly.

I can’t just walk into a stranger’s or my neighbor’s house and demand or expect that they feed, clothe and take care of all my needs at their expense. The police would be called and I would be hauled away. How is it that an illegal can come into OUR house (USA) and we are expected to take care/pay for their every need?

Why can’t they follow the same process that those who come here LEGALLY do? I recommend that those who are for illegals coming to this country without consequence; take them into their own homes for a minimum of a year; feed them, clothe them and care for their EVERY need at their own expense and then we can have a conversation.

Source: Washington Examiner

President Trump said Tuesday that families should not be coming into the country illegally if they don’t want to face the consequences, such as being separated from each other.

“Tell people not to come to our country illegally. That’s the solution. Don’t come to our country illegally. Come like other people do, come legally,” Trump told reporters while departing for Europe to engage in North Atlantic Treaty Organization negotiations.

Trump told reporters on the White House lawn that he wants to urge people to stop attacking U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and workers because “there is nobody under great danger.”

“And as far as ICE is concerned, the people that are fighting ICE, it’s a disgrace. These people go into harm’s way,” Trump continued.

We could end almost all illegal immigration by fining those that hire them $20,000 each. Why are we wasting billions on the border patrol and ICE when the solution is so apparent. The government loves cheap labor and the economic growth that comes from illegal’s. They will never get serious and fix the problem.

You have three options:

  • Option 1: Enter Legally by going through an official Port of Entry, apply for asylum (if pertinent) in the way the law prescribes, as MILLIONS before you have;
  • Option 2: Cross Illegally, get arrested, be separated from your kids (as they don’t belong in jail with adults); or
  • Option 3: Stay in Mexico WITH your kids.

It’s really very simple.

As a conservative, I like our President more each day. Just when you think he can’t say or do anything better, he comes and surprises us with comments like this.

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So much common sense. It makes you wonder why our previous Republican Presidents couldn’t have been like him. You expect Democratic Presidents to be soft on crime and promote open borders, but what were the Bushs and even Reagan thinking? President Trump is a gift from above. Thank you, Mr. President. Keep on winning! MAGA.

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