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Trump: Dems Could Have Passed Gun Control Under Obama; They Didn’t Want To

President Trump is referring to the two years Barack Obama had a supermajority in Congress and didn’t need Republicans votes to pass legislation.

He’s right. Democrats could have passed legislation to fix Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and they could have passed gun control along with fixing the economy when you had 700,000 Americans losing their jobs monthly.

But of course, they decided they were going to push through Obamacare which got millions of Americans healthcare and while other millions of Americans were fired or let go from their jobs, losing their healthcare to make up the difference.

Rarely do you ever get a supermajority in Congress but when you do, you should take advantage of it and Democrats kicked the can down the road with healthcare instead of other legislation.

Trump usually doesn’t tweet this late in the evening but I think he’s been watching or someone from his camp is showing him how the liberal media are using the Florida kids as pawns to push gun control.

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