President Trump Claims Election Night Split Decision Is Big Victory

Speaker Paul Ryan needs to be taken to the woodshed for his inability to hold and win the House for Trump’s agenda.

President Trump won us the Senate through his relentless campaigning. Everyone he campaigned for, with a couple of exceptions won their races.  Ryan was nowhere to be seen but undermining Trump in the final days. What a disgrace!

Paul “NeverTrumper” Ryan should resign immediately.

I was devastated that we lost the House. But as the reality of it sinks in, I can clearly see this is a short-term gain for the Democrats. We purged the RINOs, and made sure hardcore Republicans now hold seats. I always think in the short term, but I now realize 2020 will be a disaster for the Democrats. They can’t hide their crazy anymore.

Seeing that the old majorities in the House and Senate weren’t reliable for the President because of the never-Trump folks like Flake and Ryan, the new setting isn’t really that bad. The lack of support from these individuals was stunning all the time – now they are history.

The House with Pelosi as a leader will have power, but the majority isn’t that strong, and a block-all policy vs reasonable proposals will backfire for 2020. Seeing Pelosi, old, but not too old to run again in 2020 as Speaker she needs to organize a chaotic bunch with very “diverse” opinions, and strike some deals with the President, bringing home some agenda points. And, instead of the back-stabbing of the never-Trumpers, Pelosi’s opposition is clear, makes it workable.

The Senate is only now “his” majority, as individual votes of Flake, the red-blue Senator of Alaska, McCain isn’t decisive anymore. For the White House, this was a reasonable outcome – now on to 2020!

Thank you, President Trump. You kept the Senate for us by your tireless campaigning and your belief in America. I’m grateful for that.

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Wayne Dupree

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