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Trump Says His Walls At WH Work For Protection And He Wants To Protect Americans Too

  • President Trump praises border wall in El Paso, TX
  • Trump: There is nothing better than “a good ole german shepherd”
  • Trump said that he along with others live behind walls because he wants to be safe and he wants Americans to be safe also
  • Mexico had the highest number of killings — over 40,000, and it’s not too far away

Are there crimes committed in the USA by illegal immigrants? Yes. Would there be fewer illegal immigrants in the future if we enhance border and immigration security and build a barrier than there would be if we did not? Of course.

The degree is an unknown and depends on factors that include how bad things get in Central and South America, let alone Mexico. However, some degree of crime prevention would happen if we build a wall is a common sense, not a medieval fantasy.

BREAKING: Lawmakers Tentatively Agree To 1.375 Billion For Border Barriers; 55 New Miles Of Bollard Fencing

Moreover, the worse things get to the south, the more illegal crossings will be attempted. So building a barrier and enhancing border and immigration security is a sound investment as insurance. We are wealthy enough to build a wall, walls are effective, and the pretense that this is fantasy does not impress from those wanting to redo our entire economy in 10 years based on a dubious theory of pseudoscience.

I thought I heard somewhere that we have a backlog of 900,000 immigration cases, that alone is a reason for an effective wall. We shouldn’t allow ANY illegal aliens to set foot into the United States. That should be the enforced policy.

It’s time to stop listening to the Democrats and their feelings and run this country on common sense and logic. Emotions are okay, and something we all go through but they are not supposed to run the way we live, or we would be all over the place.

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Build the wall, slow down illegal immigration, child trafficking, and drug smuggling. That’s the name of the game first and foremost. Let’s protect our people and show Democrats that the adults are making the decisions, not lawmakers and their fake emotional experts.

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