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Pres. Trump Reacts To Latest WH Staffer Turned Gossip Writer — “Pretended To Be Insider”

You have to figure some percent of White House Staffers are pure slime.

When individuals come out like this one, to may make a living in the pundit circles, how can anyone really trust what they have to say? Related: Former WH Staffer Making Rounds On Late Night; Claims He’s Dishing Dirt To Help POTUS

Cliff Sims, Former Director of WH Message Strategy for Pres. Trump wrote a tell-all book where he called out members of the Trump administration, and now he’s making his rounds on opposition media calling them out with a smile. It seems someone informed Pres. Trump about this morning blast, and he took to Twitter to respond:

Sims happened to be on CNN when Pres. Trump published his response, and the host read it aloud. You can see it disturbed Sims to see his idea of helping wake up the Commander-in-chief to the alleged traitors around him backfired.

Just when Cliff Sims may have been concerned that his 15 minutes were over, President Donald Trump comes to his rescue.

For those who have blissfully avoided cable news over the past 24 hours, Sims is the former White House aide who just penned a remarkable tell-all book called Team of Vipers, the details of which have led to numerous blog posts and cable news commentary.

During an appearance on CNN’s New Day  in which Sims shared more remarkable details about his 500 days working in the White House, President Trump apparently had enough and delivered the following dismissive Tweet to his followers:

A low level staffer that I hardly knew named Cliff Sims wrote yet another boring book based on made up stories and fiction. He pretended to be an insider when in fact he was nothing more than a gofer. He signed a non-disclosure agreement. He is a mess!

Source: Mediaite

Sims claims he saw Kellyanne Conway leaking information to the media. I call BS on that. If Cliff saw Conway or anyone leak information to the media, didn’t he have a lawful obligation to report the matter? I do not see that he did nor was there any action taken. So he is as sinister as Hillary Clinton was for a very similar felony.

He mentioned on a couple of other shows how he was trying to help Pres. Trump wake up to the traitors around him, but with this response from the Commander-in-chief, Sims is out there by himself, along with his book.

Maybe Cliff should have just told Pres. Trump at the time he saw all of these problems?

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