Trump Responds To Congress Double-Standard Mueller Appointment – This Is A Witchhunt

President Trump just tweeted out his response to the appointment of Special Counselor Robert Mueller, who will oversee the alleged Russian investigation prompted by Democrats!

I believe the main point of all these attacks is to keep Trump so busy he doesn’t get anything done and they can complain about that. He’s getting much more done than the entire Congress at this point so they have to keep piling things on to try and overwhelm him. Sorry Dems, it’s not working. He’s still getting more done than all of you put together.

I can understand Trump’s frustration this morning after Congress didn’t do anything when Barack Obama was in office and he had so much more he could have been called out for.

Pretty sad when we spend all our time and money on investigations of the people on the inside the people we elect, who we should be able to trust, but can’t, instead of dealing with what needs to be done to keep this country running smoothly. These people then appoint people they can’t seem to trust or control when the going gets tough. In the days of Noah would be a good idea….none would be smart enough to get on the boat.

What do you think about Mueller’s appointment as special counselor? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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Wayne Dupree

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