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Trump Responds After Learning Sharpton Going To Baltimore In Defense Of Cummings — Hates Whites & Cops!

Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe claiming he wasn’t going to take Pres. Trump’s bait after announcing he was going to travel to Baltimore, most likely to support Rep. Elijah Cummings, who was destroyed over his ineffectiveness to take care of his district over the weekend by the Commander-in-chief.

MSNBC is sending its resident racial arsonist to Baltimore, hoping to start race riots in order to take the President down. Two and a half years of Mueller/Russia lies did not work. This is the media’s, Hail Mary.

On Monday morning, Pres. Trump responded to the news of Sharpton visiting Cumming’s district on Twitter with powerful tweets:

Sharpton: “We need to stand up and deal with the fact that this president’s policies hurt people all over this country and despite people like Elijah Cummings have delivered for their district and could deliver if they were empowered that we need not get into the sideshow of a man that one minute calls you names and next minute stands up and smiling with you at your convention. He’ll do anything – including his own supporters – if it’s to his advantage. I’m not going to fall prey to that. I’m not going to bite that bait.”

“Why would you want as president elect of the United States to meet with a troublemaker and a conman? Other than you are knowing better than that. That’s who he is.”

Al Sharpton responded to Pres. Trump’s tweet with a shot on Twitter and Instagram:

Sharpton is just another poverty pimp in the “race-hustler” industry. It’s like the race carnival comes to town for a couple of days the band plays and speeches are made then it’s back to the same old routine. The president is correct. Nothing gets fixed in the poorest black communities because without them the race hustlers would be out of a job/money and we can’t have that, it would be racist.

Sharpton is an outrage-feigning little mouthpiece. He cares about himself first and won’t blush when unearned cash is dropped onto his greasy little paw. If there is an opportunity for racial exploitation, Al is there.

I might be mistaken, but Pres. Trump is the first president to point out that Al is a shakedown artist. He was predictably called a racist by the Left for doing so, which is why the Bushes, etc., all remained silent.

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