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Trump Responds After Learning CNN Is Primary Source Of U.S. News OUTSIDE of our Borders

On Monday, President Trump learned that CNN was the primary source of news coming out of the United States for the U.K., and he was not happy.

Trump tweeted the following after he spent a few minutes watching television during a break with his state visit to the island.

Just arrived in the United Kingdom. The only problem is that @CNN is the primary source of news available from the U.S. After watching it for a short while, I turned it off. All negative & so much Fake News, very bad for U.S. Big ratings drop. Why doesn’t owner @ATT do something?

Trump followed that tweet up with this:

I believe that if people stoped using or subscribing to @ATT, they would be forced to make big changes at @CNN, which is dying in the ratings anyway. It is so unfair with such bad, Fake News! Why wouldn’t they act. When the World watches @CNN, it gets a false picture of USA. Sad!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the president was asking for Americans to boycott AT&T in the following tweet:

CNN should have been off the air long ago, considering its abysmal ratings. But just as it is not a real news network, it also does not have a real public to which it is accountable. It exists to publish disinformation and defamatory information about Trump as well as to spread that and the leftist-globalist message to the hardcore of the Democrat base.

And it is that base that keeps it going. That and the institutional (airports, hospitals, etc.) and foreign contracts it has.

CNN may be fooling the rest of the world where they are the only source of journalism but the main thing is that in the USA they can not fool us, we all know they are fake news and their horrible last place cable news ratings prove it.


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