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Trump Not Taking Temporary Immigration Freeze To Supreme Court But…..

President Donald Trump has decided not to take this fight to the Supreme Court as promised and a lot of people are scratching their heads.

President Donald Trump can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and deny the Left their unconscionable and unconstitutional attempted power grab by rescinding this executive order and issuing stronger multiple replacements as stand alone orders.

He should reissue a score of executive orders that address the same issues as the current one but make them even more muscular. If the Left is going to play dirty like this, make them pay for it. Give them something they will dislike even more and force them to fight many battles instead of just one.

From The Blaze:

“The Trump administration as well as the Department of Justice has been weighing the options,” Pamela Brown from CNN reported, “and we have learned from sources that the Department of Justice will not immediately appeal the travel ban ruling to the Supreme Court as of now.

The White House, apparently, doesn’t want to take the risk of losing an appeal on the temporary restraining order because of the fear of a four-four split at the Supreme Court, which would leave the Ninth Circuit’s recent ruling in place. That ruling kept the travel ban on hold, of course as you know, that came down yesterday. But they’re still considering reissuing a new re-worked executive order.

Brown explained the the other reason that a new executive order could be appealing to the Trump administration – that would be a way the president to avoid “being subpoena’d on the matter about his discussions regarding a Muslim ban.” Brown continued, “And you’ve already heard the states say they’re in discovery, they’re going to put in those requests, so the White House may not want to enter into a subpoena and have to talk about those things. So the executive order would be one way around that.”

With only eight sitting justices Trump has no chance to win even if the Supreme Court agreed to hear his appeal with only eight sitting members. He’ll wait until his nominee is approved and the Supreme Court has a full roster of nine judges.

Let’s sit back and watch what materializes. Share your opinion about Trump’s decision to not pursue judgment by Supreme Court in our comment section.

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