ACLU Sues Trump Over Military Transgender Ban Reinstatement; Original Ban Was In Place For Decades!

Before Barack Obama lifted the military transgender ban, it had been in place for decades. Our government chose to leave it in place and nobody cared about it.

To be in the military you must meet certain requirements, to not be a mentally sound person you can not join. When you are confused with what sex you are, you are mentally impaired.

Obama’s fundamental transformation included making America more open to homosexual issues than anything else he accomplished. What you are seeing now is a game, played by liberals and they are very good at it.

The liberal agenda calls for passing legislation that affects individuals through emotions, with the understanding it will never work. If someone or a political group tries to remove it, they would face the ire of the liberal base, causing petitions, online media, town halls to stop our side while labeling us evil and hateful.

The military ban is not Trump’s creation. He reinstated the original ban after Obama changed it. On record, I am against transgenders serving in the military for a number of reasons and hopefully, this lawsuit by the ACLU will go nowhere.

Source: LA Times

The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday filed a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s ban on transgender individuals joining the military.

The federal lawsuit was filed in Maryland by the ACLU of Maryland on behalf of several service members who are transgender.

Trump directed the Pentagon on Friday to implement the ban on transgender individuals joining the military, which he first announced in a tweet. He also gave the Pentagon the authority to decide the future of openly transgender people already serving.

The lawsuit says Trump’s policy violates the equal-protection rights of transgender service members who now have “grave reason to fear for their careers.”

Sorry, but there are no constitutional rights to serve in the military!

The military rejects the service of people that have medical conditions that require ongoing treatment. That’s why people with asthma, diabetes, HIV, cancer, and most physical disabilities are unable to serve. Transgender individuals have special medical needs and military healthcare providers would require special training to meet those needs. The cost of training doctors on inclusivity and transitional treatments is immense, and the American tax payer foots the bill.

Transgender patients require lifelong hormone replacement therapy, specialized psychiatric care during transition and after, and if they elect to have surgery to remove, replace or create female or male genitalia, it can take 2-4 years for them to recover to the point of being eligible to deploy. All this on the tax payers dime.

THE ACLU will lose this one because it’s not about dissing a special interest group, this is about transgenders using the Military to fund their trans operations while weakening the military and leaving the taxpayers holding the bag. The Military is no place for them.

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