Trump Loves How the UN Vote Just SLAMMED North Korea!

The U.S. getting China and Russia (and the rest of the security council) to agree to do anything useful against North Korea?

The United Nations Security Council announced new sanctions against North Korea, in response to its nuclear and missile program and they are tough! The Council voted unanimously to impose the economic punishments banning North Korean exports and limiting investments in the country. The sanctions are the largest ever leveled against the regime.

Like this administration or not, that’s impressive. North Korea must be isolated, and many will agree with me. There are enough problems in the world without a psycho holding everyone to ransom.


Source: The Hill

President Trump on Saturday praised the United Nations Security Council for voting to support new sanctions on North Korea in response to its recent tests of ballistic missiles.

“The United Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 to sanction North Korea. China and Russia voted with us. Very big financial impact!” he tweeted.

The United Nations Security Council voted on Saturday to impose new sanctions against North Korea in retaliation for the regime’s recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

The unanimous vote follows North Korea’s two recent tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles, the most recent of which took place last week.

Well done to the U.N. I do hope the necessary economic “sanctions” the UN Security Counsel has voted for North Korea will actually effect Jung Sun Un rather than the average poor Korean that is already suffering terribly.

A lot of people online are complaining about the North Korean citizens and how this is going to affect then. Here’s my scenario. Placing sanctions on North Korea will make a difference, I will put pressure on the North Korean population as a whole rise against their leader, start a coup, including the military. That’s the hopes anyways, there will be a breaking point for the North Korean people, and it is coming.

That will ensure Kim will be in trouble. Time is of the essence.

What do you think about the sanctions against North Korea? Are you worried about the people too? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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