Trump Keeps Another Promises; Ends Support for UN Fund Tied To Promoting Abortions

President Trump constantly said his stance on abortion changed when a friend went through the decision making and the child turned out to be a treasure.

Trump has been an advocate of the pro-life movement for a while now and he promised along the campaign trail he would make changes and that’s exactly what he did.

The United States is no longer in the promoting abortion business overseas. It’s sick to even think our country was doing that in the first place.

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Source: Christian Post

The United States is ending its support for a United Nations entity that promotes abortion overseas, the State Department has announced. Pro-life leaders are praising President Trump for the move.

In an official letter to Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the State Department said it would no longer fund the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) because the group “supports, or participates in the management of, a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.”

The State Department also noted that since the nation of China’s “family planning policies still involve the use of coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization” and that the “UNFPA partners on family planning activities with the Chinese government agency responsible for these coercive policies,” it warranted withdrawing financial support.

Pro-life advocates and longtime opponents of population control were delighted.

“This is another promise kept [from President Trump], and at the speed of light,” said Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, in a Tuesday interview with The Christian Post.

If you are a pro-lifer tell me you’re not smiling from ear to ear. This is great news and should be shouted at the peak of all mountaintops!

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