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Trump Just Added Three More Countries To Nation’s Travel Ban!

Why are legal citizens in this country get so angry that many of us don’t want the US being an open door?

Any country in this world chooses who gets to stay, or not. For Christ’s sake, pick your battles. Our laws do not say, we must take everyone just because they want to be here.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing very soon from a liberal federal judge hoping to make a name for themselves.

Source: Washington Times

Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen remain on the restrictions list, though in some of those cases the ban is being reduced. Sudan was removed from the list altogether, while Iraq, which deemed to still be troubled, won’t face the severe effects of the ban, because the government there has tried to cooperate with the U.S.

The new policy also will once again apply the ban to those with family or other connections to the U.S., in what amounts to a test of the Supreme Court’s recent review.

“The tougher the better,” Mr. Trump said Sunday evening when asked about his hopes for the new policy.

Officials said the list is based on countries deemed “inadequate” in their information-sharing and willingness to cooperate with the U.S. when it comes to being aware of terrorists in their own countries and sharing identity information with American authorities.

Democrats tried to sue on this one but lost big in the end. Now Trump gets to move forward with something he should have been able to do when he first announced it. It should never have ended up in the courts in the first place because the president has a 100% constitutional authority to do this.

If those individuals who want to come here and live out their days cannot swear an oath to this or any country as they can only give their allegiance to Islam, then they do not belong here. Believe it or not, if you overstay a visa in another country you are generally fined and must show an onward ticket out of the country, or you get jailed and deported. NOWHERE, but in the US do you get citizenship the longer you stay as an illegal.

Doesn’t it seem that liberals want all Muslims to come to this country, stay beyond their Visa requirements, and hide out in sanctuary cities until they can find a way to get them voting rights?

Liberals need to be re-educated. Their indoctrination from Universities destroyed the brain’s cell. They cannot think clearly because they just hate the man. The restriction doesn’t apply to Saudi (for now) because they passed the test to provide information about their people. We’re not in 2001 anymore. The security drastically changed. Now we vet more carefully. It’s not perfect but it’s better.

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